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About Us
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The strength of our club is in our membership.  We are a fun and dedicated group of guys that share a passion for the betterment of our community. Our members are always willing to lend a hand, and pitch in to get the job done; always with a smile, and a laugh or two.

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Our Board of Directors

With moves like Jagger, Nate is always a fun guy to be around. His life long dream is to win the coveted Moorefield Grass Drags. We believe that with as much dedication as he gives his family and community, he might one day achieve this lofty goal.
Nate Poechmen
Nate Poechman President
Eric’s quiet humour and dedication to our club is infectious. As a newer club member, he has already made his presence felt, and appreciated.

Eric Bosman
Eric Bosman Secretary
A second-generation Optimist, Dennis quietly servers our community. Although Dennis might believe no one notices his dedication; we notice, as does the community. And we love him for it.
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Morgan Director
Even as a newer member, Tim has lead the charge. He's quick to raise his hand to help out, and is an enjoyable guy to be round. As a cottager, Tim excels at stealing our internet.

Tim Pope
Tim Pope Director
Jeremy is an exemplary Optimist, a gentleman, and a friend to all. He leads by example, and is always there when a hand in needed. Just don’t put a fishing rod in his hands, poor fish don’t stand a chance.

Jeremy Culling
Jeremy Culling Vice-President
The “Lieutenant:” Dan has served our club as president, and our Zone as LT. Governor. His love for Optimism rings true. Unfortunately, Dan is a Habs fan. No one is perfect.

Dan McIntyre
Dan McIntyre Treasurer
Captain Morgan is as dedicated to our club today as he was when he joined in 1984. He is as quick to roll up his sleeves and pitch in, as he is to offer a quip to keep the younger members on their toes.
Grant Morgan
Grant Morgan Director
Sandy has served our club with honor since 1984. His guidance is as appreciated as is his quick wit. FUN FACT: Sandy is one of the few members that was born before the last time the Maple Leaf’s won the cup.
Sandy Vallance
Sandy Vallance OI Representative
A long standing member of our club, Cal is highly respected. His dedication to family and community serve as an example to us all. Deep down he secretly aspires to be a jazz singer, we don't ask.

Cal Deen
Cal Deen Vice-President
Everyone loves James, as he is quick to lend a hand, and always fun to be around. In the short time James has been a member, his skills at cards have already become legendary.

Jim Sauder
James Sauder Director / President Elect
Tim is the ideal Optimist. He is a dedicated family man, and is a proud member of our community. When he is not busy winning Tin Can tournaments, he is busy making our little village a better place to live.
Tim Bates Past President